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Show / Hide Components

The VistaCheck component dynamically hides child components if the current user does not have the specified permissions. You can optionally render an alternate component if access is denied.


import { VistaProvider, VistaCheck } from '';
// how to generate 'read tokens'<VistaProvider secret={read_token}>    <VistaCheck        user_id={user_id}        action={action}        resource_type={resource_type}        resource_id={resource_id}        branch="test"
        // optional        denyComponent={<React.Fragment />} // rendered if permission denied        handleError={(err) => console.log(err)}>            <WrappedComponent></WrappedComponent>    </VistaCheck></VistaProvider>

The component will hit the Vista API to determine if user_id can perform action on resource_id. If granted, only then will the child component render. If not granted, the denyComponent is rendered if supplied, otherwise nothing is rendered.

See the client library docs on how to generate read_token.