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The Vista react library accepts a token that's dynamically generated by the Vista API, through the Vista API client libraries.

You must first call the API route to generate a 'Read Token' - these tokens can be used to hit the Vista API's on your behalf, only for read-only endpoints, such as users/check.

In your service:

# generate when service startsvista_read_tokens = vc.auth.generate_read_token()
# return as a part of sign-in flow to cache in frontend@app.route('/v1/login')def login():    ...
    return {        ...        'vista_read_tokens': vista_read_tokens,    }

In your React Application:

login = (loginInfo) => {    const resp = await myApi.login(loginInfo);
    this.setState({        vista_secret: resp.vista_read_token,    });}
render = () => {    <VistaProvider secret={this.state.vista_secret}>        <VistaCheck            ...        >            <WrappedComponent></WrappedComponent>        <VistaCheck/>    </VistaProvider>}