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Vista Dashboard

The Vista Dashboard is used to store and edit your Permissions Blueprint - your Resource Types, the actions that can be taken, and Roles.

This Blueprint is then applied to your users, via the API, to grant permissions when users sign up, change permissions, or check permissions.

This is a guide for storing the Permissions Blueprint (created in the last section), in the Vista Dashboard.

Creating Resource Types

  1. Create new Resource Type: Click this button to create a new Resource Type.

  2. Name your new Resource Type.

  3. Add actions: Add actions that can be enacted on the resource.

  4. Create Resource Type: Make sure you have the right actions for the resource and click this button to save.

Create Resource Template

Creating Roles

  1. Create new Role: Click this button to create a new Role.

  2. Name your new Role.

  3. Define action-resourceType relationships: Choose which actions can be taken for the selected Resource Type. You can add multiple actions for each Resource Type. Click "Add" to define your first action-resourceType relationship. For each role, you can add as many action-resourceType pairs as you want.

  4. Create role: Click this button to create your new role.

Create Role

Inherited Roles

Many organizations have hierarchical organizational structures, where managers/admins should be granted all access controls from roles that roll up to them. Vista makes this easy with our inherited roles feature.

  1. Click any role you want your role want to inherit from. This grants automatic access to all grants applied to the role you are inheriting from.

  2. Add additional permissions for your new role. Here, I have already added the "write" action for "Document 2," as shown on the grants panel on the right. You can click as many actions as you want to add before you create your new role

Set Role Inheritance